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In 2013 a diverse group of faithful congregations assembled for the intent of improving the living conditions of a neighbor in need of decent housing.  As part of the journey, they discovered a mutual desire to learn about each other and form new relationships.

The home in Lewisville was completed less than a year later to the joy of not only the homeowner, but also to the newly formed group of friends.  But the story doesn’t end there.  Today the group participates in joint youth and adult programming, shared meals, and a greater understanding of each other.  More than any lecture or online course could ever provide, the real world experience of coming together for the benefit of improving the living conditions for our neighbors has kept this group of friends together.

Now in 2017 the group embarks on its second build.  This time incorporating additional congregational and community support, the Interfaith Coalition will seek to raise additional housing for deserving families in Denton County.

Please consider volunteering, donating, or simply supporting the group effort that builds more than decent housing in Denton County.  In builds diverse friendships through mutual understanding and love.

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