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Construction Project Manager

Job Description


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Applicants must submit Resume with Cover letter to John Montoya, Executive Director, through email. Click here to inquire.

Purpose of Position:  To work with the Habitat for Humanity Denton County (HfHDC) office team, Building Committee, and sponsors to help coordinate and manage all aspects of Habitat’s construction projects in a way that utilizes volunteer labor and materials, which provides maximum community involvement and produces quality homes for low income families in a safe and affordable manner.

General Responsibilities:  The Construction Project Manager will be responsible for coordinating and managing the various Habitat building projects by working with HfHDC staff, the project manager volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, members of the Building Committee and House Leaders, and oversees the construction processes to meet the goals and objectives of HfHDC. As a secondary responsibility, the Construction Project Manager will prospect for land, (including looking for new target neighborhoods) in the development and procurement of new properties, along with overseeing the development and implementation of volunteer safety training and safety management of build sites.  The Construction Services Manager will also serve as the staff liaison with the Building Committee and will provide guidance and assistance to the committee to help facilitate meeting the goals of the Building Committee and sub-committees.

Job Requirements:  Must have a commitment to Habitat’s housing ministry goals and possess a clear understanding of the construction processes. Applicants must have the ability to develop infrastructure, possess demonstrated experience in the construction management field and building trades, and have the ability to develop and implement policies and procedures as it relates to the construction processes. Additional requirements include developing schedules, budgets, and work plans that support the strategic goals of the board, supervision and training of construction and volunteer workers, strong written and verbal communication skills, general knowledge of real estate development and purchasing of properties, ability to relate and work well with people of diverse backgrounds and incomes, ability to work with a wide range of personalities and be a team player, must be able to lift and carry objects weighing 50 pounds, have a valid Texas drivers license, own and operate a motor vehicle.

Education: High school graduation or equivalent 

Experience: 5 years + Construction Management Experience preferred

Documentation: Valid License and Certificates where applicable

Willingness to work with Volunteers: Habitat for Humanity of Denton County works primarily with a volunteer labor force in order to build high quality homes at low cost. They play an essential role in our success measures.  Many are inexperienced  and must be trained. Applicants must be willing to mentor and partner with the volunteer in a gracious manner while simultaneously ensuring quality control.               

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Provide strategic plan and schedule for the building year that supports the overall objectives of the Board.  Communicate this plan with the Building Committee and Executive Director, update as required.
  2. Assure that all site preparations are completed in a timely manner to support the overall building schedules.
  3. Coordinate with the various municipalities to ensure that all the building permits are acquired in a timely manner, and that HfHDC possesses the most recent building codes and revisions of each municipality.
  4. Conduct “Pre-Construction Planning Meetings” with the house sponsor groups, house leaders, family sponsors and partner families in order to communicate the project build schedule, HfHDC construction policies and procedures, and safety and volunteer requirements to ensure a safe, timely constructed project that yields a positive experience for all participants.
  5. Oversee all phases of the construction projects to ensure the build schedules are maintained, cost controls are monitored and meet project budgets, and that the HFH Denton County construction policies and procedures are strictly followed.
  6. Procure major building material packages and develop key partnerships with vendors to ensure best price/best quality practices are followed.  Oversee and approve all building materials used in the builds to ensure all materials meet or exceed the specifications of the building codes and HfHDC.
  7. Negotiate and nurture relationships with key subcontractors to ensure timely completion of the work while maintaining minimum building standards.  Secure competitive bids from qualified subcontractors to meet project budgets and control costs.
  8. Attend all Building meetings and act as a liaison between the committee and report, as required, to the Executive Director.
  9. Survey potential sites and report on the conditions effecting potential building on such sites to the Building Committee to ensure that the site has been approved from the construction perspective.
  10. Coordinate with the Building Committee for approval of house plans for each project.
  11. In cooperation with the Building Committee , develop policies and procedures governing the various construction processes and phases including but not limited to:  planning, scheduling, quality assurance, permitting process and inspection of builds, purchasing of materials, procurement and coordination of subcontractors, safety programs, training programs, house leader and crew leader development and training, project budgeting and cost controls, volunteer development and training, and other processes as identified by the Board and the Building Committee to ensure overall and timely completion of the builds, while controlling costs and maintaining minimum quality standards. Once this has been approved by the Building Committee, submit to the Board for final approval to be adopted as part of the Habitat for Humanity Denton County Process and Procedures policies, and implement accordingly.
  12. Develop and implement a program to manage the tools and equipment assets of HfHDC.  Coordinate with the house sponsors and house leaders to meet their tool and equipment requirements while insuring the proper care and upkeep of the assets.  Allow no use of tools or equipment deemed unsafe or inoperable.
  13. Develop and implement a Safety Training Program to insure that all workers on build sites, including subcontractors, conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Safety Training Program of HfHDC.  Post at all build sites the safety policies and ensure that the House Leaders are empowered to enforce them.
  14. Develop construction budgets for each project and monitor cost to ensure that project budgets are being met by the House leaders and House sponsors.  Work with key vendors and subcontractors on change orders due to changes in the scope of supply or work. Employ a Subcontract Agreement that clearly defines the scope of work, schedule, payment terms and conditions, insurance requirements, etc. that minimizes the exposure of risk to HfHDC while maintaining good business practices.
  15. Obtain, secure and record gift-in-kind donations or approve same if secured by house sponsors while insuring that they support the build schedule and meet the minimum quality requirements of HFH Denton County and city codes.
  16. Ensure compliance with all building codes and with the TRCC and provide revisions or updates to the Building Committee so that any changes may be implemented in the build and future planning of projects.
  17. Work with family partners, house leaders, volunteer coordinators, Family Services Manager and the Executive Director to ensure satisfaction and participation throughout the build.
  18. Inspect and review the construction of each build to ensure compliance with the building codes, HfHDC policies and procedures, and issue corrective action reports to the house leader of any deficiencies found during inspection and ensure that corrective actions are completed.
  19. Develop punch lists with the house leader and agree on a plan to complete the same that supports the completion schedule of the build.
  20. Attend special events, training and conferences, as appropriate, at the direction of the Executive Director.
  21. Perform other duties, as assigned by the Executive Director.

NOTE:  The above list of duties while specific to the position is not exhaustive.  Therefore, it is possible that responsibilities of the position may change as deemed necessary by the Executive Director.

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Reports to: Executive Director