Aviles Family

We are happy to be partnering with the Aviles Family for our current build (Fall 2016). Rolando and Maria relocated to Texas from California to escape the drugs, violence and high cost of living expenses. Overall they were happy to be in Texas, but the struggle to find a decent home for their family has been a never ending battle.

Rolando and Maria are the hard-working parents of four children: Valerie, Andrew, Priscilla, and Marlene. Rolando has worked as a custodian at Compass Group North for the last 1 ½  years and Maria has worked for Denton ISD as a child nutritionist for 6 ½ years. 

When asked what they wanted to achieve after purchasing their Habitat Home, Maria said that she and Rolando hope to start saving money for their children’s college education. The children are very excited to finally get their own rooms and space to enjoy their home!