Left to Right: Sandra,  Luis,  Mya (front),  Miguel,  Jadein (front),  Gionathan   

Left to Right: Sandra,  Luis, Mya (front), Miguel, Jadein (front), Gionathan   

Acevedo Family

The Sandra Acevedo and her five children: Luis, Miguel, Gionathan, Jadein and Mya were given the keys to their new Habitat home in September 2016. Prior to the completion of the home, Sandra expressed her goal of  “providing her children a safe environment to build their dreams.” Now, she has the means to do just that!

Sandra Acevedo, a hard-working and dedicated mother, is currently enrolled full-time at Western Governors University Online and has been working from home in order to save money. As the financial and project manager of her family, Ms. Acevedo understands the importance of a budget. Her goal is to steadily pay off all of her financial debts so that one day she and her children may travel as a family. Sandra offered that “{her} experience is proof that one can jump any obstacle that is thrown in your way, as long as you have faith and you can persevere,” as a piece of encouragement to others.

Additionally, the Acevedo children have dreams of their own. The three oldest boys have already started thinking about their future career goals. Luis is interested in music/video production and plans to attend the Art Institute of Dallas in a few years. Miguel is interested in becoming a travel RN and is currently looking into North Central Texas College’s RN program. Gionathan is interested in Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice. He plans to join the FBI and is interested in pursuing studies at the University of North Texas.

We are excited to have had the honor of partnering with the Acevedo family as our first family in Pilot Point and wish them all the best with their future pursuits!